Short Sales

Many agents can list a short sale. But the reality is that very few of these agents are skilled and experienced enough to do them well.


My team offers our short sale clients the same service they would expect to receive if they were selling their homes traditionally, along with expert advice that will ensure a smooth short sale process. 


For a comprehensive guide to our services, complete with answers to many FAQs and more information for current clients, scroll to the bottom of this page to request our short sale guide. Or call Ashley direct on 773.590.8200 for a consultation.


So how do we stand out? For starters, we offer:

1.  A Custom Tailored Approach

Everyone’s situation is unique, and if you find yourself behind on mortgage payments or underwater, there are several considerations to be made before choosing to go down one route, whether that’s Ch 7 or 13 bankruptcy, trying for a loan modification, applying for consent foreclosure, deed in lieu, or short sale.


This is why our process begins with a consultation with our highly-experienced distressed Real Estate Attorney, who will walk you through each of your options in depth. This is a free service for all of our clients. Knowing all of your options will give you the best chance at achieving your goals, whether you want to keep your home or walk away and leave the debt behind. Sometimes a short sale is not your best option, and if you’re not ready to sell, we hope you will keep us in mind in the future.


When you and an attorney decide that a short sale is the best option for you, that’s when our broker team will start to work with you on your personal goals, including:


  • Maximizing your Time – many of our clients know a short sale is their only option, but they want to stay in their home until the next school year, until the weather warms up, etc. We work with you and your lender to get you as much time as possible


  • Selling your Home Quickly – if you’ve already moved out or are ready to do so, we can work very quickly to sell your home and negotiate with your lender so you can have a fresh start and begin to repair your credit.


  • Qualifying for a Relocation Incentive – this comes from your lender. If they approve it, the amount is usually around $3,000. Though it is more rare since the HAFA program ended in 2017, we have seen up to $10,000 be approved for our clients in 2018 and 2019. For more info on this, make sure to request our short sale guidebook below.


  • Tenant Situations – if you have an investment property or own and occupy a multi-family building, we will work to keep your tenants happy throughout the process with minimal interruptions.


Fill out the form below to receive a guidebook with FAQ’s and more details explaining exactly how our process work so you can decide you think our services will be a fit for you and your family.


2.  A Highly Skilled and Experienced Team



As of October 2019, Ashley Kaehn successfully completed more short sales than any other agent in the Midwest Real Estate Data MLS. Our team has over 15 years collective experience working with all of the “big banks” and many regional and small banks to ensure you the best possible chance at success. We are deeply familiar with each lender’s ever-changing processes and nuances, and we know what it will take to get your short sale to the finish line.


Ashley has earned the designation of Top Producer by the Chicago Assocation of Realtors every year since becoming licensed. She has been featured in magazines and earned numerous sales awards from her current and former brokerages, Kale Realty and Baird & Warner Real Estate.


No short sale situation is too complex. With the help of our Real Estate Attorney and Short Sale Negotiator, we have successfully closed short sales with some of the most challenging circumstances, including:


  • Multiple liens, including second mortgages, HELOCs, IRS debt, past due HOA liens, past due water bills, individual third party mortgagees, and many more,
  • “Squatter” situations, especially in rental properties and multi family buildings,
  • Homeowners who have been told by their lender or servicer “this investor/bank does not do short sales,”
  • Homes in foreclosure with a Sheriff Sale or Judicial Sale date only weeks or even days away,
  • Divorce, separation, estates, tenants, out of state homeowners, and the list goes on.


We are always happy to take on a challenge!


3.  Full Service at your Fingertips


Your short sale team consists of Ashley and her broker team, a Short Sale Negotiator and a Real Estate Attorney to guide you through every step of the way. Ashley will be your main point of contact throughout the whole process, available via phone, text or email, anytime.

Your broker team work together to ensure as stress-free of a process as possible. We handle everything:


  • Getting your Home Ready – especially if a short sale is your last option, the idea of putting your home on the market quickly can be daunting. We will happily introduce you to cleaning, packing, storage and moving professionals should you need them. Most of our clients do a little straightening up before showings, but there is no need to do any deep cleaning, painting or repairs. A short sale is an as-is sale.


  • The Marketing Process – we only use professional, HD-quality photos of your home. Whether or not you have a “for sale” sign in your yard is completely up to you. The ShowingTime app is available to you so you can keep track of any showing appointments, as we set up showing availability to fit your schedule. Ashley will personally handle negotiations with potential buyers to ensure the most favorable contract terms for you.


  • Our Buyer and Investor Network – as one of the top Realtors in Chicagoland, Ashley’s has a vast network of cooperating brokers, buyers and investors who are ready and eager to purchase short sale properties.


  • The Short Sale Process – our short sale attorney and negotiator are available for you 7 days a week for your questions, concerns and free legal advice.


  • Your Next Home Search – whether you’d like to purchase a new home (yes, it is possible to buy a new home as soon as 1 day after you complete a short sale!) or rent, my team will set up a custom search for you. Many of my clients have low credit scores due to loan delinquency, this is not a problem!


Fill out the form below to receive a guidebook with FAQ’s and more details explaining exactly how our process work so you can decide you think our services will be a fit for you and your family.